Gold Coast Building & Pest Inspectors provide you with the knowledge to purchase your next property with confidence.

Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspections are your most valuable investment when it comes to buying a sound investment.

Not only will quality Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspections provide you with the knowledge to confidently move forward with your purchase, but can also provide you with leverage resulting in a lower purchase price. This can be in the tens of thousands of dollars!!!

Our inspectors are fit, agile, experienced and passionate about their role in securing you the best deal on your property. This means that we see things other inspectors don’t.

We work for you. Not the vendor. Not the Real Estate agent.

We are not swayed by any external influences such as pushy Real Estate salespeople or motivated sellers, and we stand firmly behind our findings to get you the best deal.


7 Things you need to ask your Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspector:

(Don’t worry, we have them all covered)

1.  Are we licensed?

YES, we are licensed. Unfortunately, there are operators on the Gold Coast who are not licensed, and therefore not insured. Ask the question and write down the license number for the company and the technician who is booked.

2.  Are we insured?

YES, we are insured. Building and Pest Control insurance is there to protect YOU.

3.  Are our inspections carried out in accordance with Australian Standards?

YES, our inspection reports are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards. Prior to engaging a building and pest inspector to perform an inspection on a property, they must send you an agreement which outlines the nature of the inspection. This will usually be in email form to explain the process and limitations of the inspection and help to protect you in case of an insurance claim. This is a non negotiable procedure which is often overlooked.

4.  Can you be present at the inspection?

YES, you can. You are paying for the service, and you have every right to be present during the inspection. We encourage you to be on site during our inspection so that we can explain the issues which will be raised in the report. This will make you more confident that you are purchasing a property which is manageable for you, and we will also be able to simplify the findings to help you understand any risks.

5.  Do your inspectors specialise in Building and Pest Inspections?

YES, one inspector specialises in the building inspection, and the other inspector specialises in the pest inspection. Some inspectors are qualified building and pest inspectors, and claim they can inspect and report on both building and pest issues at once. Don’t be fooled. Make sure  you have a separate pest inspector as well as a building inspector. This way, you will have a dedicated report for both aspects and you will also have a second set of eyes looking over the property, providing you with the best outcome.

6.  Do we provide treatment on active termites?

YES, we can also provide a termite treatment. Make sure your pest inspector carries the required equipment and is capable of treating live termite activity. You want to make sure that your inspector is experienced in termite treatments to provide you with an accurate estimate on the cost of protecting your new home.

7.  Are the owners qualified and experienced technicians?

YES, the owners will most probably be your inspector on the day. Often the larger pest management firms are owned by bean counters, and it is left up to their technicians to educate themselves with new techniques and products. Make sure the owner is an experienced technician who provides training and guidance to his or her team.